We are pleased to announce this year that the girls program will have an opportunity for summer training sessions starting Tuesday, June 20th. Summer training will take place from June 20th – July 31st, Monday – Thursday from 10am-Noon (excluding the week of July 4th, which would be July 3rd-6th) at the South High Stadium. There is ZERO cost for these extra training sessions! All sessions will be run by the varsity coach, Rachelle. Summer training sessions are NOT REQUIRED but HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!! These sessions will be a great way to ensure you are in shape and have the technical ability needed to be successful for the fall season. Players are free to attend any sessions that work for them, no need to commit to a day each week, simply just show up when convenient. Summer sessions are available to anyone who participated in the program last year (whether it be JV or Varsity), or any incoming students registered to attend South High School in the fall of 2023. If you are an incoming student, please make sure to bring a copy of your physical to the South High School Athletic Director before school is out.


This fall our captains will be Tessa Sanders (12), Ella Tennant (12), and Izzie Luhmann (11).

Captains practices are still being finalized, but will take place sometime between July 31st and August 11th. It has not been decided yet if we will just hold one week or two weeks of captains practices, and the times are still to-be-determined as well. The meeting location of captains practices will be the baseball fields off of Lake Nokomis, across the street from the main beach.

 Check out the captain-run instagram page @southhighwomenssoccer for updates!


Fall registration night will be on Wednesday, August 9th from 6-7:30pm in the South High Commons. All players are encouraged to attend so they can be registered on-time to be able to tryout the following week. 


Tryouts will be held from August 14th-16th, from 10am-Noon at the South High Stadium. Players MUST be registered, have a current physical available, and have all paperwork filled out in order to be able to step onto the field on August 14th. There will be absolutely no exceptions. We are a no-cut program and highly encourage all players interested to come try out! There is no requirement of skill level or playing experience to play on a team! Get your friends to come try out with you! Players should bring cleats, shin guards, running shoes, and a water bottle to each day of tryouts.

Tips to help you be the most successful you can be at tryouts:

  • Start getting in shape NOW! Players should be able to complete a three-mile run at least twice a week comfortably.
  • Be technically sound on the ball by the time the season starts. Attending summer training sessions will help with this. Players should spend 5-10 minutes juggling every day as well.
  • If able, WATCH SOCCER! Go watch your friend’s games. Watch any professional games you can. Watch highlight reels on youtube. Learn from anyone you can!

What does a Varsity Player look like?

  • Varsity players are dedicated to the team and are always willing to go the extra mile
    • Always working their hardest at practices and games
    • Hungry for improvement
    • Willingness to dig deep and believe that the boundaries of what can be achieved can always be pushed further
  • Varsity players are respectful to their teammates, coach, and school equipment
    • Positive attitude, respectful communication, able to receive constructive criticism, able to listen correctly
    • Positive role-models, positive representation of the school
  • Varsity players understand that a player’s mindset is just as important as the player’s ability.
    • Games are not necessarily won solely on who is the better team – games are won by the team who simply wants it more